Top 10 Mistakes in Kitchen Design | South Bay Remodeling

A kitchen makeover can add to the value of your home and make your time cooking more efficient and enjoyable. There are plenty of reasons to renovate your kitchen, but beyond the siren call of the glossy design magazines and those shiny appliances you’ve been eyeing at the local home improvement store, there are some lurking pitfalls that you should be aware of.

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Understanding how traffic will flow through the kitchen is a useful tool in organizing countertop space so that it will be efficient and comfortable. Make a list of the types of activities you need specific countertop areas for, and evaluate how they may overlap when more than one person uses the kitchen.

Materials matter, too. Where laminates are rugged and heavy-duty, some of the high priced stone, concrete, metallic and natural wood countertops need regular maintenance and special handling.

Lastly, you’ll probably need to have some appliances permanently located on the countertops. This may be a can opener, toaster oven, food processor, coffeemaker or a host of other gadgets. Having outlets where you need them and choosing what appliances you want to place in specific locations will help you plan your space better and control appliance creep, the tendency for appliances to start accumulating on countertops, taking up precious workspace.